Managed Wireless
Scalable Enterprise Wi-Fi as a service
Our systems are powerful enterprise wireless software & hardware engines, ideal for high-density client deployments requiring low latency and high uptime.
We provide this for a low monthly rental, you benefit from our quality equipment and guaranteed performance.
Access Points *

Customer Name *

Include trading name and site contact.
Site address *

Phone number *

Installation date *


Please enter the name of the Sales Engineer
Agreement *

Contract I.T. will provide wireless coverage, monitor and report on the performance of the coverage at {{answer_37102471}}
Fault rectification and initial configuration of supplied equipment is to be performed at the expense of Contract I.T.
{{answer_37097456}} agrees to the installation of equipment and cabling at {{answer_37102471}}
All equipment and cabling remains the property of Contract I.T.
{{answer_37097456}} grants reasonable access to Contract I.T. for the purpose of installing, maintaining and removing the equipment.
Customer agrees to paying for {{answer_37097941}} unless the agreement is ended by returning all equipment to Contract I.T.


Our controller needs internet access for management and configuration, please enter the VLAN required, leave blank if not required
Guest Network SSID & VLAN

eg: WiFi @ {{answer_37097456}} on VLAN 20
Staff Network SSID & VLAN

eg: Staff @ {{answer_37097456}}  on VLAN 50
Restricted Subnets

Existing corporate or business network/s to restrict guest access to eg:
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